According to Jehovah's Witnesses...

Started by Charles Taze Russell, the Watchtower Society claims that it is the only organization in existence that can properly interpret and reveal God's truth, and this supposed "truth" is what Jehovah's Witnesses adhere to. In general, JW's believe in a story that includes many of the same names and events in the Bible, but with entirely different meanings and histories.

According to the so-called Jehovah's Witnesses, God is only one person (only God, not Jesus or the Holy Spirit). This God completed creation over a period of 42,000 years. When Adam sinned, God put into motion a plan for salvation. This plan included the death of Jesus. Jesus, JW's believe, is really Michael the archangel, who Jehovah's Witnesses believe was the first created being, through whom God created all other things. Jesus was killed on a stake as part of the plan for salvation. When Jesus (Michael) was resurrected, it was not a bodily resurrection, but only spiritual. In the end, those who are God's true followers will be resurrected. Most will be bodily resurrected, but a select group of 144,000 will be spiritually resurrected only and will not have bodies to care for.

Biblical Christianity: Watchtower:
God Trinity One person only
Holy Spirit is God Holy Spirit is a force, not a person and not God
Creation Completed in 6 days Completed over 42,000 years (1 day = 7,000 years)
Jesus Uncreated creator First created being
God; second person of the Trinity Michael the archangel, in flesh a perfect man and nothing more
Bodily resurrection Spiritually resurrected only
Salvation All who believe in Christ Jehovah's Witnesses only
By faith alone By good works
Believers are born again Only 144,000 born again (Jesus was born again as well)
Salvation is eternal Salvation can be lost