Doctrine pages
  • Homosexuality and the Bible

    What the Bible tells us about homosexuality. Answers to common objections.


  • Communion

    A look at what the Bible and logic have to say about communion.


  • The Post-trib Rapture

    A straight-forward look at the timing of the rapture.


  • Is Baptism Required for Salvation?

    Baptism is not required salvation. This article looks at the verses often used to suggest that it is.


  • A Brief Defense of Premillennialism

    Showing some basic errors in post- and amillennialist doctrines and interpretations. The kingdom will be real, literal, and earthly.


  • Earthly Reign of Christ

    Verses that look forward to the future, earthly reign of Christ.


  • Women in the Church

    The Bible does not allow women to be pastors. What are they allowed to do? Are they inferior to men? Article responds to common objections and looks at each verse in detail.


  • Baptism

    What we know about baptism. Answers to a couple common questions and claims.


  • Calvinism vs Arminianism

    A Biblical and logical look at the doctrinal points at issue in the Calvinism vs Arminianism debate